Here are proposed
                                              and training in the area of:

and other ICT.

You can see publications, educational courses and projects.

Digital and paper copies of
are presented.
The price of all digital issues (in pdf format) is 4 euro, and of paper ones - that of the publisher.

Consultations and analyzes for:

are proposed.

Individual and group courses are conducted with content according to the student level.

More information about publications and contacts you can see in the blog and in ResearchGate.

The projects are in the areas of semantic and web technologies, economics and e-learning.


AuthorsTitleYear PagesPublisherOrder
B. Deliyska Introduction to web programming2018 113NBKM 90990
А.Rozeva, B. Deliyska Database Management Systems (in Bulgarian) 2012 250TU-SofiaWrite me.
B. Deliyska Ontology-based e-Learning (in Bulgarian)2008 280NBKM 90990
L.Dakovski, B.Deliyska Computer-based training systems (in Bulgarian)1987 220Technika http://www.bgold-books.com/index.php?group_id=113&child_parent=12&page=5
B. Deliyska, P. ManoilovOntology-based System and Process Modeling2015104 Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) https://www.lap-publishing.com/catalog/details//store/gb/book/978-3-659-33824-3/ontology-based-system-and-process-modeling

Here you can find systematized and full textbooks in Windows Office 2010 (in Bulgarian).


TitleСontent YearPages Order
MS Word 2010 Structure and elements of text document. Main screen of MS Word. Command types.
Working with files. Content creating, editing and formating.
Additional objects embedding.
Views and layouts. Creating and supporting tables.
Embedded editors.
Text document verification, statistics, reviewing and printing.
2014 130
MS Excel 2010 Tabular document structure. Addressing cells and range of cells.
Input and edit content.
Views. Document formatting. Formulas and functions.
Chart creating, editing, verification, processing, analysis and connection.
Service operation.
MS PowerPoint 2010 Presentation elements and requirements. Main menu.
Presentation creating and editing.
Table, picture and chart embedding.
Presentation modes. Link and multimedia embedding.
MS Visio 2010 Main menu. Libraries. Stencils. Rules for schema and chart creation.
Graphical primitive creation.
Grids and layers.
Shape formatting.
Text creating and editing.
External object embedding. Effect creating.
ArcGIS Desktop 10 Manual Main modules ArcMap, Arc Catalog and ArcToolbox presentation.
11 exercises with tasks for map document building and analysis.
Appendix 1. Classification of data types and file formats in ArcGIS
Appendix 2. Terminological dictionary


AuthorsTitleYear PagesPublisherOrder
Deliyska B.,
Manoilov P.
Ontologies in Intelligent Learning Systems 20126 IGI Global https://www.igi-global.com/article/research-conceptualization-ontologies-intelligent-learning/47008
B. Deliyska, P. ManoilovMethod and algorithm of using ontologies in e-learning sessions 2009 6 AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1184see AIP site
B. Deliyska, A. RozevaMultidimensional Learner Model In Intelligent Learning System2009 6 AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1184see AIP site


AuthorsTitleYear PagesPublisherOrder
K. Peeva,
B. Delijska
Elsevier's Dictionary of Computer Science and Mathematics 1995720Elsevier, Amsterdam, ISBN 0-444-81816-2 see elsevier.com.
В. Delijska,
Elsevier Dictionary of Communications1997 Elsevier, Amsterdam, ISBN 0-444-82439-1 see elsevier.com.
Р. Manoilov,
G. Manoilov,
B. Delijska
Elsevier Dictionary of Computer Graphics2000 Elsevier, Amsterdam, ISBN 0-444-50027-8 see elsevier.com.
Т. Tosheva,
Elsevier Dictionary of Agriculture2001 Elsevier, Amsterdam, ISBN 0-444-50005-7 see elsevier.com.
В. Delijska,
Elsevier Dictionary of Forestry2004 Elsevier, Amsterdam, ISBN 0-444-51245-4 see elsevier.com.
B.DelijskaElsevier Dictionary of GIS2002 Elsevier, Amsterdam, ISBN 0-444-50991-7 see elsevier.com.
В. Delijska,
Elsevier Dictionary of Computer Science2001 Elsevier, Amsterdam, ISBN 0-444-50339-0 see elsevier.com.

Online calculator of firm competitiveness

A prototype online calculator is developed for assessment and analysis of firm competitiveness indices.

The calculator is supplied with a specific database according to the user needs.

Dictionary production system

This is a desktop system including database and functionality for compilation and maintenance multilingual dictionaries.
The languages and their number are selectable.

Here ready dictionary databases are proposed in the area of:

and etc.


Ontologies in .owl format (of Protégé) are proposed. The unit price of each ontology is 2 euro.
By mutual consent and an extra charge, an explanatory text can be added, as well as, a new ontology development.

TitleAuthor Number of classesOrder by
Ontology of e-governmentB. Deliyska 77
Ontology of systemB. Deliyska 137 To the ontology text
Ontology of Sustainable DevelopmentB. Deliyska, A. Ivanova 75 To the ontology text

MS Office

The course includes all or part of MS Office systems:

and others at will.

Information systems and database management systems

The course provides fundamental knowledge about information systems and object-oriented relational database management systems (RDBMS) including:

Geoinformatics and GIS

      The course provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills about:

Ontology engineering

Web design

Web programming



      Ecoinformatics is a branch of applied informatics which combines knowledge in different natural sciences, mostly from ecology and environmental science, with information technologies for social, economical and ecological goal achievement. The course examines information technologies, information models and standards used in the ecology and the environmental science.

      Databases, languages and methods for modeling, statistics analysis and prognosis of natural systems, processes and phenomena are discussed.

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Boryana Deliyska