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Publications in 2021:

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Publications in 2004

1. Web-Based System of Dictionaries in Area of Computer Science, "Computer Science'2004", TU-Sofia, oct. 2004


2. Educational aspects of Geoinformatics implementation, Third GIS day in Turkey Conference, 6 – 9 October, 2004, Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey


3. Information Modeling of the Forestry Sustainable Development in Bulgaria, Third GIS day in Turkey Conference, 6 – 9 October, 2004, Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey


Publications in 2005

Domain Ontology Design, "Computer Science’2005", TU-Sofia, Kassandra, Greece, oct.2005. [More...]

Publications in 2006

Citation index of scientific issues, "Computer Science’2006", TU-Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey, 12-15.10.2006. [More...]

Publications in 2007


1. Survey of Ecoinformatics, Journal Balkan Ecology, vol.10/2007 [More...]

2. GIS model of Bulgarian Balkan mountain pastures, in Research People and Actual Tasks on Multidisciplinary Sciences, 6–8 June 2007, Lozenec, Bulgaria.[More...]

Publications in 2008:

1. Automatic Taxonomy Extraction Using Dictionary Database, Annals of the Faculty Of Engineering,

2008, Tome VI, Fascicole 1, University of Hunedoara, Romania.


2. Campus GIS functionality and interface, Computer Science'2008, TU-Sofia, Kavala, Greece.


Publications in 2011:

1. Ontology-Based Model of E-Governance, Annual of Section Informatics of the Union of Bulgarian Scientists, Vol.4/2011. [More...]

2. Thesaurus and Domain Ontology of Ecoinformatics, Computer Science'2011, TU-Sofia, Ohrid, 1-3.09.2011. [More...]

Publications in 2012:

Semantic Business Analysis Model Considering Association Rules Mining, BMSD 2012, Geneva. Switzerland, 4-6 July. [More...]

Publications in 2013:

From e-learning 1.0 through e-learning 2.0 to e-learning 3.0 in bulgarian universities [More...]

Publications in 2014:

Publications in 2016:

Publications in 2018:

1. Introduction to Web Programming

ISBN 978-619-90990-1-8


2. An Approach of Building Ontology of Sustainable Development (in Bulgarian), journal article


3. Domain Ontology of Sustainable Development in Economy, journal article

doi: 10.1063/1.5082022


Publications in 2019:

Ecoinformatics Development (in Bulgarian), study

ISBN 978-619-91294-2-5


Publications in 2020:

1. Information Modeling of Firm Competitiveness, conference paper



2. Domain Ontology of Social Sustainable Development, conference paper



3. Common Ontology of Sustainable Development, journal article

doi: 10.4018/ijissc.2020100104


4. Model of GIS-Based Application for Firm Competitiveness Analysis, journal article

ISSN 1857-923X


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