Here I present publicly available own and co-authoring publications. These for a fee are pointed out in ONTOCOM.

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In the nearest future a book for web programming will be published.

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Publications in 2004

"Computer Science'2004", TU-Sofia, oct. 2004:

Web-Based System of Dictionaries in Area of Computer Science [More...]

Third GIS day in Turkey Conference, 6 – 9 October, 2004, Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey

1. Educational aspects of Geoinformatics implementation. [More...]

2. Information Modeling of the Forestry Sustainable Development in Bulgaria. [More...]

Publications in 2005

Domain Ontology Design, "Computer Science’2005", TU-Sofia, Kassandra, Greece, oct.2005. [More...]

Publications in 2006

Citation index of scientific issues "Computer Science’2006", TU-Sofia, Istanbul, Turkey, 12-15.10.2006. [More...]

Publications in 2007


Survey of Ecoinformatics, Journal Balkan Ecology, vol.10/2007 [More...]

GIS model of Bulgarian Balkan mountain pastures, in Research People and Actual Tasks on Multidisciplinary Sciences, 6–8 June 2007, Lozenec, Bulgaria.

Article will be added later.

Publications in 2008

Automatic Taxonomy Extraction Using Dictionary Database, Annals of the Faculty Of Engineering, 2008, Tome VI, Fascicole 1, University of Hunedoara, Romania. [More...]

Campus GIS functionality and interface. Computer Science'2008, TU-Sofia, Kavala, Greece. [More...]

Publications in 2011

Ontology-Based Model of E-Governance. Annual of Section Informatics of the Union of Bulgarian Scientists, Vol.4/2011. [More...]

Thesaurus and Domain Ontology of Ecoinformatics. Computer Science'2011, TU-Sofia, Ohrid, 1-3.09.2011. [More...]

Publications in 2012

Semantic Business Analysis Model Considering Association Rules Mining, BMSD 2012, Geneva. Switzerland, 4-6 July. [More...]

Publications in 2013

From e-learning 1.0 through e-learning 2.0 to e-learning 3.0 in bulgarian universities [More...]

Publications in 2014

Publications in 2016

Will be added later.

Publications in 2018

Introduction to Web Programming [More...]

An Approach of Sustainable development Ontology Building (in Bulgarian) [More...]

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